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Yes we do Concrete and Stamped Concrete! We tend to go all out when we do concrete (rather than cut corners). We tend to over excavate the area in order to install base rock, we tend to use larger rebar for extra strength, we tend to pour 6" slabs rather than 4" and we usually use 6 sac concrete.

Concrete Guarantees

      Concrete is heavy
      No one is going to steal it
      Concrete Cracks

How Long Should I Water My New Concrete?

Water should be sprayed on the entire concrete slab FIVE-TEN times a day for at least the first SEVEN days (up to 28 days). This is known as “wet curing,” because it permits the concrete to dry out over time.

Concrete reaches 58% of it's strength in 7 days and 98% of its strength in 28 days. Curing is VERY important.

It is important to keep the concrete moist to aid the curing process. Concrete does not harden as a result of drying, rather, it hardens as a result of a chemical reaction known as hydration. As long as the concrete has moisture, the hardening (aka curing) pocess continues. The hardening process might be slowed or halted if the concrete loses too much water through evaporation.

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There are 4 Guarantees in Life

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. Weeds
  4. Concrete Cracks!

Don't get me wrong, we install plenty of concrete for driveways, walkways, patios, trashcan pads, BBQ pads, fence posts etc... But the reality is, Concrete Cracks - I guarantee it!