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Sprinklers & Sod

A good sprinkler system is one key ingredient in a beautiful, lush and healthy lawn. We use top of the line commercial grade sprinkler heads, sprinkler valves, and always use schedule 40 PVC even after the valves. We build sprinkler systems the right way.

Daren was one of the top purchasers of sprinkler heads in Arizona and was invited to tour the San Diego facility where Hunter Manufactures their sprinkler heads. Quite an impressive operation. Daren performed sprinkler & Irrigation work at ASU on several occasions and was handed the plans to build a new field for ASU to use in the summer - Camp Tontozona.

Whether you have a small yard in Santa Cruz County, a large estate, or a commercial property, we can handle your Sprinkler and Irrigation needs 4U!

Since 1996, Daren has only hydro seeded a dozen projects. We've had several projects well over 10,000 sf where we've installed sod. Seed just isn't worth it, and uses more water than a sod installation. Let's face it, water is expensive, so why water seed for 21 days hoping not to have bald spots, and then having to baby sit re-seeded sections for 21 days? It makes no sense! We can install sod 4U so you have a beautiful lush lawn instantly. Results vary by location, sun and shade exposure etc... Call us today for a free estimate!